# Breakpoint

Allows to get reactive object on the current windows size.


If Number or {Number}px it checks the defined breakpoint against window.innerWidth. bp >= window.innerWidth If MediaQuery is passed it will not be able to resolve the current breakpoint

# State

The useBreakpoint function exposes the following reactive state:

import { useBreakpoint } from "vue-composable";

const { current, /* properties from the arguments */ L, XL } = useBreakpoint({
  L: 720,
  XL: 1280,
  S: "(min-width: 320px)" // also supports media query - it uses `useMatchMedia`
State Type Description
current String Smallest breakpoint key. where the breakpoint is an Number
...args Args returns the object with the same keys but with reactive boolean value

# Methods

The useBreakpoint function exposes the following methods:

import { useBreakpoint } from "vue-composable";

const { remove } = useBreakpoint();
Signature Description
remove Manually removes the event listener

# Example

Current breakpoint none
valid breakpoints:

# Code

    <div>Current breakpoint {{ current || "none" }}</div>
    <div>valid breakpoints:</div>
    <p><b v-if="S">Small</b></p>
    <p><b v-if="L">Large</b></p>
    <p><b v-if="XL">Extra Large</b></p>

import { useBreakpoint } from "vue-composable";
export default {
  name: "breakpoint-example",
  setup() {
    // it will return object with reactive properties {XL: boolean, L: boolean, S: boolean}
    return useBreakpoint({ XL: 1280, L: 768, S: "(min-width: 320px)" });